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Hello parents and teachers

Light the Arch is a learning project that aims to show kids how code can be used to make something different, in unexpected and creative ways.

Why have we created it?

Here at EE, we love to share the magic of technology as we believe it can have endless benefits. At the same time, we realise that for some kids the world of tech can seem complicated and to be frank, a bit boring and “not for them”.

So by partnering with Apps for Good and by using the iconic Wembley Arch we aim to bring technology and coding to life in a fun and engaging way with our focus being on 7 to 10 year olds. This will hopefully give them inspiration to go on and learn more, and get excited about the possibilities of a tech career.

How do I use it

Light the Arch introduces kids to the very basic concepts of programming and coding in a fun and creative environment.

They can programme their own light show on the Wembley Arch to celebrate an epic moment in a match or at an event. Once they’ve used buttons, sliders and input fields to develop their design, they’ll then get a movie of their light show playing on the Wembley Arch to share with their friends and family.

Getting kids excited about the possibilities of code and programming can pave the way for them to do pretty amazing things in the future.

Inspired by this?

Apps for good Apps for Good partners with schools across the UK to teach young people how to build their own digital tools to solve real-world problems. To run the Apps for Good programme in your school, find out more here.

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